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Important Notice
Read the following before attempting any upgrade:
  • Perform the upgrade at your OWN RISK as any upgrade will void your warranty and forfeit any support from the manyfacturer(s).
  • We DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY when something goes wrong during the upgrade.
  • The upgrade is intended for EXPERT USERS only who know what they are doing.
  • Only perform the upgrade when it is absolutely necessary, for example to use the CD-Writer with incompatible burning software programs.
  • Before performing the upgrade turn off and exit ALL CD-related programs which may interfere with the upgrade (especially packet-writing software like Adaptec DirectCD or Ahead InCD).
  • Always power off the computer to perform a COLD BOOT. Then turn on the computer and test if the upgrade was successful.
Upgrade a Yamaha CDR200 to a CDR400
  • This fix will upgrade a Yamaha CDR200 (2x speed CD-R) to a CDR400 (4x speed CD-R).
  • Double-click on the mainboard picture to have a full screen version.
Important Notes:
  • Perform this upgrade at your own risk, changing anything to the mainboard will for sure void your guarantee!
  • Writers with revision "B" and "C" can be upgraded without a problem. Revision "A" and "D" needs additional wiring.
  • Add a cooler which cools down the writer to avoid write errors due to overheating.


  • Check when the writer was manufactured, this upgrade   is only possible with writers manufactured before April 1998.
  • open the bottom-cover of the writer (4 little screws).
  • Disconnect all wires from the mainboard.
  • Take out the mainboard and turn it like the picture above.
  • Check which revision the mainboard is (the letter A, B, C or D is printed inside a square).
  • Locate the resistor R621 (3,3 k), see white arrow in the picture.
    The Q/D printed on the mainboard stand for quatro/double
  • Cut the R621 resistor (with a soldering iron or with a pliers)
  • Reconnect the mainboard and close the bottom-cover.
  • Turn the computer on and check if it now is a: Yamaha CDR400

Cache memory:

  • Usually the Yamaha CDR200 has only 1 MB cache.
  • The Traxdata-writers usually have 2 MB cache.
  • All writers which have a manufacturing date September 1997 and later should have 2 MB cache.
  • Writers which have a IC 616 chip have 2 Mb cache.
    The IC brand of IC 616 is:
    • NEC China, 4217800-60, 9708PB073
    • Mitsubishi, *M5M417800CJ, 717CH03-6

Firmware updates:

  • Yamaha CDR400 firmware updates can be found on the Yamaha website. 

Upgrade FAQ:

  • After the upgrade the CD-Writer-Program says my writer has 2 megs of cache, is that true?
    yes, if the program says that it is true
  • I don't trust you is that really possibly?
    yes, it is
  • I want to convert a CD-Writer XY with brand Z, is that possible?
    no, it is only possible with the two Yamaha-recorders
  • How many Yamaha CDR 200 you have tuned?
    only one (one writer is enough)
  • How many writers were tuned with success?
    I know about 50
  • How many writers were tuned without success?
    only one
  • My Yamaha-recorder has read- or write errors, why?
    You have no additional cooler over your writer and so it has a heat error.
  • Does it work with all CDR 200?
    Yes, only writers manufactured after April 1998 need an older firmware.
  • Does the upgrade work with any revision?
    yes, but with revision A it is possible that you must do more things
  • Does a upgraded Yamaha CDR 200 work correct with 4 times speed?
  • Some upgraded writer have only 1 Mb cache, are buffer-underruns possible?
    No, most CD writers have 1 Mb which is sufficient.

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