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Important Notice
Read the following before attempting any upgrade:
  • Perform the upgrade at your OWN RISK as any upgrade will void your warranty and forfeit any support from the manyfacturer(s).
  • We DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY when something goes wrong during the upgrade.
  • The upgrade is intended for EXPERT USERS only who know what they are doing.
  • Only perform the upgrade when it is absolutely necessary, for example to use the CD-Writer with incompatible burning software programs.
  • Before performing the upgrade turn off and exit ALL CD-related programs which may interfere with the upgrade (especially packet-writing software like Adaptec DirectCD or Ahead InCD).
  • Always power off the computer to perform a COLD BOOT. Then turn on the computer and test if the upgrade was successful.
Upgrade a Ricoh 7040A/S to a Ricoh 7060A/S
RMorph 2.0 [52 KB] - by Kyle Westmoreland 
Ricoh Flash 1.04 [81 KB] - 1999
ATAMMP3 - CD-R/RW Drive Firmware Update 0.60 [35 KB] - 1998
- For use with the MP7040A/RW7040A IDE Drives ONLY! Don't use for the SCSI drives.
Ricoh MP7060S SCSI 1.7 Firmware
Ricoh RW7060S SCSI 1.7 Firmware
Ricoh MP7060A IDE 1.7 Firmware
Ricoh RW7060A IDE 1.7 Firmware
It seems that there is no physical differences between the Ricoh MP7040A/S (4x Write) and MP7060A/S (6x Write) drives. Only the firmware is different.

There is no real difference between the Ricoh MP7040A/S and Ricoh RW7040A/S. The MP model is marketed by Ricoh as the Retail Kit (including software) and the RW model as bare/OEM drive.

There are currently a number of CD Manufacturers using the Ricoh 7040/7060 drive:

Actima ARW-4420
A-Open CRW9420
Caravelle RW-4420 IDE
Caravelle RW-4420 SCSI
ComPro CDRW7040A
Delta OME-W141
Imation Super Recorder 4x4x20
Memorex CD-RW 4420
Ricoh MP7040A SCSI
Ricoh MP7040S SCSI
Ricoh RW7040A IDE
Ricoh RW7040S SCSI
Ricoh RW7060A IDE
Ricoh RW7060S SCSI
Smart & Friendly SAF769 CD SpeedRacer Plus
USDrives RW7040A
Verbatim CDRW4420
It is just a matter of modifying the firmware so the flash software thinks the drive is a 7060 type. The conversion is based on the same principal as the Upgrade a Ricoh RW7040A/S to a Ricoh MP7040A/S.
RMorph Upgrade Method
  • Remove any CD from the CD-Writer, it must be empty!
  • Create the following temporary directories:
    • TempDir#1:  C:\TEMP\MODIFY
    • TempDir#2:  C:\TEMP\FLASH
  • Extract RMORPH20.ZIP to TempDir#1.
  • Extract RFLASH104.ZIP to TempDir#2.
  • Download the latest Ricoh MP7060A (IDE) or MP7060S (SCSI) firmware and extract it to TempDir#1.
  • Execute RMORPH.EXE and follow the onscreen instructions what to do (make sure to select the correct CD-Writer type you have).
    this will result in a modified firmware.
  • Copy the modified firmware to TempDir#2.
  • Execute RFLASH.EXE and flash the modified firmware to your burner.
  • Ready!

It seems that RMorph doesn't recognize all available Ricoh OEM drives then the only way is to use the ATAMMP3 Upgrade Method. But if you have a SCSI drive then the only way is to manually comparing/modifying the firmwares using a Hex-Editor.

ATAMMP3 Upgrade Method - Works for IDE Models ONLY!
  • Remove any CD from the CD-Writer, it must be empty!
  • Create a bootable diskette - in windows or in a dos-box enter:  format A: /U /S
  • Extract the latest Ricoh MP7060A (IDE) to the bootable diskette.
  • Copy ATAMMP3.EXE to the bootable diskette.
  • ReBoot the computer using this bootable diskette.
  • Execute ATAMMP3.EXE /T <Firmware> - For example using the 1.7 firmware:  ATAMMP3.EXE /T M10A170.BIN
  • When the Do you read the firmware from the CD-R/RW (Y/N)? message is shown press N to continue or press Y to save the current used firmware.
  • When Do you rewrite the firmware of the CD-R/RW (Y/N)? message is shown press Y.
    If you see a Hardware code mismatch error message ignore it as the burn process will continue as normal.
  • When ready turn the computer off to perform a Cold Boot.
  • Ready!

The advantage of the ATAMMP3 method is that the drive has become 100% a Ricoh MP7060A. Next time a firmware is burned there won't be any problems or error messages and you can use the regular Ricoh Firmware updates. without first patching it using RMorph.

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