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Previous News from: Januari - Februari 1999
29-01-99 CD-R Identifier 1.12
Added CD-R Identifier 1.12 to the newly created CD-R Utilities page - all credits go to Frank Wolf for creating (and sending) this very useful utility!
27-01-99 CD Info
CD-R Quality - Ritek Exposed!
Did you ever wonder how good (or bad) those Low-Budget Arita, Ritek and other NoName CD-R media's really are? Checkout our new article: CD-R Quality and you get the prove!
Direct CD Page Access
The Pull-Down button, on the left, is now also working for all browsers, thanks to everyone sending pointers how to fix it!
24-01-99 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Imation CD-R74
23-01-99 Feurio! 1.16
Feurio released Feurio! 1.16

Fuerio now comes in two versions:

  • Feurio! Standard
    This version can be bought for DM 49 (= US$ 30)
  • Feurio! Professional
    The prices of this version depends on the number of attached CD-Writers as the Professional version is able to write to more then 1 writer at the same time (Synchrone-Write)!
    It is now also possible to write images (Data or Mixed Mode) which were created using Nero Burning Rom, but this only works on the more recent CD-Writers.
Direct CD Page Access
The Pull-Down button, on the left, is now working correctly, when you select a CD Brand the appropiate page will be shown. For now it ONLY works with MS Internet Explorer, Netscape fails to work with this JavaScript... (if any JavaScript experts know how to fix it please let me know!)
21-01-99 Dutch CD-R Tax (the continuing story...)
For now the problems are over but Stichting de ThuisKopie still wants to tax the CD-R's, read all about it in the Telegraaf (Dutch only!)
20-01-99 CD Info
CD-Writer Modifications Update
CD-Writer Modifications: Update a Traxdata CDR41200 to a Teac CD-R50S - Thanks DoZe2.
80 Minutes CD-R's
Updated the 80 Minutes CD-R page with a few more CD-R80 resellers and added a part on Problems using 80 Minutes CD-R's.
19-01-99 Nero Burning Rom
Ahead released Nero Burning Rom [source: CDRINFO Page].

It seems that Ahead has finally fixed the problem with Nero which caused problems with WinOnCD & Easy CD Creator. Now Nero, WinOnCD 3.6 & Easy CD Creator 3.5b all work together! - Thanks Stefan Duvander.

18-01-99 80 Minutes CD-R's
The OverSize article has been split up and the 80 Minutes CD-R information, including info concerning the Quality of 80 minutes CD-R's and a Reseller list, has been added as a seperate 80 Minutes CD-R page.
16-01-99 CD Info
Dutch CD-R Tax (the continuing story...)
For now the CD-R & CD-RW media here in the Netherlands won't be taxed the NLG 1.05/Hour. But Stichting de ThuisKopie will try to raise this tax this quarter, after the talks with Philips & Sony are concluded - Thanks Gerben Kreuning (Kreuning Trading) [The Netherlands]

Also checkout the this (dutch) page: Protest tegen heffing op CD Recordables

CD Speed [Utility]
CD Speed (written by Erik Deppe) is a CD-ROM benchmark which tests the full CD capacity instead of only the first part of the CD. This way you can see how your CD-ROM drive really performs on the inner & outer tracks of a CD.

CD Speed only runs from DOS (not a DOS-box) but this way it will give a more accurate results (make sure that the appropiate IDE/SCSI DOS drivers are loaded when using it).

The CD Speed website also contains speed-lists of all current CD-ROM & CD-Writers on the market today!

09-01-99 CD Info
07-01-99 CD Info
Feurio goes English!
Updated the OverSize article and added instructions to update/install the English Beta version of Feurio! This should make it a bit easier to use for users that don't know German! This version is still beta as some of the text is still in German.

Updated the OverSize article and added the latest ROHLING.DAT [07-01-1999] (for use with Feurio!)

06-01-99 Oversize a CD-R using Prassi CD Rep Plus
Updated the OverSize article and added instructions to OverSize a CD-R using Prassi CD Rep Plus.
Consumer Protection Class Actions against Philips & HP

Source: SL&B

The practice of Sheller Ludwig & Badey, P.C. (attorneys at law) in Philadelphia is currently co-lead counsel in cases against Philips Electronics and Hewlett-Packard for the sale of a these defective CD Recorders:
  • Philips CDD-2000
  • Philips CDD-2600
  • HP 4020i
  • HP 6020i

Some technical background:

Internally the HP4020i is using the Philips CDD-2000 drive and the HP6020i is using the Philips CDD-2600 drive. A label can be seen, on the inside of the HP4020i, which says: CDD2000

These CD Recorders are very likely to fail to work after some time. One of the main problems is that both the CDD-2000 & HP4020i have a faulty spring which will fail to do it's job (aligning the laser-head). The reason that the spring is faulty is because it is too thin and it will lose it's flexebility after some time. Replacing this faulty spring for a working spring will fix the problem but the whole drive needs to be taken apart to get to the spring (this job can only be performed by a skilled technician)! It took me about 2 hours (and 3 old disk-drives to get a proper spring) to fix this problem with my own HP4020i which stopped working after 2 years. The problem can be recognized when CD-Rs are not read anymore or when failures appear when writing CD-Rs (especially near the end of the CD-R).

This problem is already known for some time now but at last there is something done about it. Both Philips & HP won't fix this problem when the drive is out of warrenty (which is the case with all these drives as they are not made anymore for over a year now). Here in The Netherlands it is possible to exchange your defective HP4020i for a refurbished/fixed drive but this will cost you about NLG 250 = US$ 135!

If you own one of the above CD Recorders and you think that you have purchased an inferior product, then SL&B is willing to investigate (free of charge) your complaints to determine if there is a legal case there.

The complains (or any other relevant information) can me send to: Jonathan Shub, Esq. - attorney at SL&B

More information can be found here: The Unofficial Hardware Fix for a faulty CD2000/2600 (HP 4020i/6020i)

Technology used in CD-Writers

Source: Fast Graphics

Fast GraphicsTechnology used in CD-Writers [Michel v.d. Heiden]

There is a incredible amount of different CD-R / CD-RW drives out there. However, there are only a few companies that deliver the technology that powers these drives. This article lists all available CD-Writers on the market today and tells which drive is used on the inside!

05-01-99 Canadian Blank Media Levy
The Canadian company Sycorp has started a Virtual Petition against the proposed levy on blank media. This page also has a complete overview of all relevant articles concerning the levy. So all you Canadians should "sign" this petition to help to avoid this levy and avoid a 125% price increase on CD-Rs!
03-01-99 CD Info
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Arita CD-R74 Digital Audio.
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Lead Data CD-R80 Neutral (no OverSize info yet as the Yamaha CRW4416 bugs on this CD-R).
  • Added Info/Pictures for: Rimax CD-R80 Premium  (no OverSize info yet as the Yamaha CRW4416 bugs on this CD-R).
  • Added Info/Pictures for: MMore CD-R74 [Ritek] - Thanks Stefan de Jong.
Needed CD Info
We are still looking for CD Info & scanned pictures for these CD-RW Media's:
02-01-99 Dutch CD-R Tax (the continuing story...)
Both Sony and Philips have filed complains against the tax on CD-R & CD-RW media (Data only). The ruling on these complaints is expected 12 januari, so until then the tax won't be in effect! [More Info]
Canadian CD-R Tax
Not only here in The Netherlands the CD-R's get a extra tax, it is also happening in Canada. As of yesterday an extra tax of $0.50 (CDN) per 15 minutes of digital audio media has been issued. This will quadruple the price of a normal 74 minutes CD-R!  [More Info]
Best Wishes for 1999
Happy New Year !!! - We wish you all the best for 1999!

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