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80 Minutes CD-R
  • Introduction
  • Problems using 80 Minutes CD-R's
  • 80 Minutes CD-R Quality
  • OverSize a 80 Minutes CD-R
  • CD-R Software Supporting 80 Minutes CD-R's
  • Introduction
    In 1998 the 80 minutes/700 Mb CD-R's came on the market. When they were just released they were quite expensive (US$ 25) but within a year the price dropped fast (US$ 2) here in Europe!
    Problems using 80 Minutes CD-R's
    Every CD-R has a spiral, which starts on the inside and ends on the outer part of the CD, where the data is written (like on a harddisk). The laser-head will always follow this spiral from begin to end to read (or write) data.

    The distance between the start- and end-position of the spiral are defined in the CD Red-Book and are the same for all 63, 74 & 80 minutes CD-R media. So the spiral has to be wound tighter to fit 80 minutes data in the same space were normally only 74 minutes data resides.

    80 minutes CD-R's can be written by almost any CD-Writer but there are a few CD-Writer manufacturers (like HP & Sony) who say that they do NOT support 80 minutes CD-R's as these CD-R's do not comply to the CD Red-Book standard. So it is possible that the CD-Writers made by these manufacturers work with 80 minutes CD-R's but it most cases it won't. The only way to know it for sure is by writing 700 Mb data to a 80 minutes CD-R and then comparing it with the CD contents when the CD was written correctly.

    For example the HP8100i & Sony CRX-100 CD-Writers will only write a 80 minutes CD-R up to 78:16 minutes.

    As the 80 Minutes CD-R's are now widely available CD-Writer manufacturers will be forced to support them. Usually a firmware update will do the "trick".

    80 Minutes CD-R Quality
    At the moment all available 80 Minutes CD-R's (except the TDK SCWA-ETC80A-X) are made in these factories:
    Factory CD Brands
    Ritek Arita, MMore & TraxDATA
    Lead Data Lead Data, Lenco & Rimax
    Postech That's Write!
    Princo Princo
    Xcitek BestMedia
    The NoName CD-R's are usually made by Ritek, Lead Data or Princo.

    The quality of the CD-R media made by these factories is not that high, as they need to be cheap, so keep this in mind when writing CD-R's!

    TDK is the only quality factory which is making the TDK SCWA-ETC80A-X 80 Minutes CD-R. For now there are no other 80 Minutes CD-R's made by better quality factories like Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui Chemicals or Kodak (this is mainly because the 80 minutes don't comply to the CD Red-Book standard and are therefore "illegal").

    For more details on the quality of CD-R media's see the CD Factories page.

    OverSize a 80 Minutes CD-R
    The 80 Minutes CD-R is a good alternative for CD-Writers that don't support OverSizing/OverBurning.

    80 minutes CD-R's can be OverSized up to 83:30 minutes DATA (= 734 Mb DATA & 842 Mb AUDIO)! For an explanation of the differences between DATA & AUDIO sizes checkout the CD-R Technical Information page.

    Using the 80 minutes CD-R's can cause possible read failures on certain CD-Readers, this is because the spiral is wound tighter than on 74 minutes CD-R's. Some of the older CD-Readers never expected that these 80 minutes CD-R's would ever be released (as they don't comply to the CD Red-Book rules). These read failures can occur everywhere on the CD.

    CD-R Software Supporting 80 Minutes CD-R's
    Not all CD-R software packages are able to write more than 74 minutes to a CD-R as they never expected the 80 Minutes CD-R's.

    Here is a list of some of the CD-R software packages capable of Writing 80 Minutes CD-R's:

    Discontinued CD-R software packages capable of Writing 80 Minutes CD-R's:

    • Easy CD Pro 2.11c
    To see if your CD-Writer supports 80 minutes CD-R's checkout:

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