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Lydstrom, Inc.SongBank MZ3-7000 CD-Player

Consumers Benefit from the SongBank's Unmatched CD Storage and Customized Playback Features

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 20, 1999-- Lydstrom, Inc., the leader in personalized home media management, today announced it has selected Quantum QuickView audio storage technology from Quantum Corp. for its SongBank(TM) MZ3-7000 -- the only stereo component that lets consumers store up to 7,000 songs from CDs and enjoy instant, on-demand, music playback according to specific artist, genre, album, song or other criteria.

"People who have more than 50 CDs find it difficult to keep track of their collection," said Ashwin Kochiyil Philips, Lydstrom's director of Advanced Research. "By combining Lydstrom and Quantum technology we are helping people get more enjoyment out of their sound systems. Imagine being able to pick not only the CD you want, but the track you want, in just a few seconds. We think this is the way forward for the audio market of the 21st century."

The Lydstrom SongBank MZ3-7000 hard drive-enabled CD player can store up to 350 hours of music and its small footprint is designed to easily integrate into any home stereo system. Through an intuitive touch screen remote control, users can store entire CD collections, organize and play back their music from customized playlists, and feed separate playlists into different rooms at the same time.

Future software upgrades will enable the SongBank MZ3-7000 to download music directly from the Internet without the use of a separate computer. The SongBank MZ3-7000 can now be ordered online at for $599.95. The product will begin shipping to customers in January, 2000.

"Products such as Lydstrom's SongBank will soon become mainstream equipment for modern home entertainment systems, and Quantum's QuickView for Audio disk drives are in position to become the next storage medium for popular music," said Gerry Kaufhold, principal analyst with Cahners In-Stat Group, a research firm based in Scottsdale. "MP3 has supercharged the market for high-quality personal audio. In just a few years most music will be distributed electronically and consumers will have personal libraries containing thousands of individual songs. The opportunity here is enormous. We see this market consuming more than 5 million disk drives in 2001."

Quantum QuickView For Audio

Quantum QuickView technology for audio is a digital audio recording and storage engine that provides consumers with the ultimate in music management features including: instant recording, instant playback and instant access to any song recorded on a Quantum QuickView drive. Because there is no tape involved, there is no rewinding or fast forwarding to find a specific song. Instead, users benefit from instant access to any song they have recorded. Quantum QuickView includes Quantum's Quiet Drive(TM) Technology (QDT), a series of innovative acoustical advancements and unique drive features that dramatically reduce hard drive noise levels. Quantum is the exclusive supplier of the enabling disk drives to personal video recording OEMs TiVo and Replay Networks. Quantum pioneered the category of products that control information and entertainment through hard disk drive technology.

"Our Quantum QuickView technology for audio has helped enable an entirely new category of home entertainment products that will change the way people record, listen to, organize, and access digital music," said Tony Francesca, vice president of Quantum's consumer electronics business unit. "Quantum's agreement with Lydstrom helps pave the way for an exciting new market for hard-drive enabled audio jukeboxes that will allow consumers to more easily control and manage the digital music content coming into their homes."

About Quantum

Founded in 1980, Quantum Corporation ( is the world's leading storage supplier in five of the seven markets it serves: desktop hard disk drives, tape drives, network attached storage (NAS) appliances, personal video recorders for consumer electronics and solid state systems. Quantum is also the second largest supplier of mid-range tape automation systems and a leading supplier of high capacity hard disk drives. In 1999 Quantum became the first Silicon Valley company to issue tracking stock, replacing its existing common stock with the ticker symbols DSS and HDD, which track the separate performance of the company's DLT and Storage Systems and Hard Disk Drive businesses. Both stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Selling its products through OEM and distribution channels worldwide, sales for the fiscal year ending March 1999 were $1.3 billion for Quantum's DLT and Storage Systems Group and $3.6 billion for Quantum's Hard Disk Drive Group.

About Lydstrom

Lydstrom, Inc., with offices in Boston, Mass. and Arlington, Va., was formed to address the growing need for personalized home media management solutions. Lydstrom can be visited on the Web at

SongBank is a trademark of Lydstrom, Inc. Quantum, the Quantum logo, Quantum QuickView, and Quiet Drive are trademarks of Quantum Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries.

The foregoing statements regarding future technology, products incorporating that technology, estimated product performance, availability and price, and the impact of the new products on Quantum, Lydstrom and the market are forward-looking statements and actual results could vary. Factors which could affect actual results include the ability to successfully integrate new technology into products in a cost-effective manner, the ability to successfully manufacture and distribute new products at sufficient volume, quality and reasonable cost, the timing of new product introductions, competition and the significant uncertainty of market acceptance of new products.

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