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TDK Introduces Medical CD-R Recording Station
PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 1, 1999--TDK Electronics Corp. has announced the introduction of its Medical CD Recording Station (Model CDRS-1100), a complete turnkey hardware and software solution specifically developed for recording multimodality radiologic images onto CD-R.

Marketed by TDK Medical, the CDRS-1100 is designed to connect to a DICOM-compliant modality or added to an existing DICOM network, much like a network printer. So configured, the CDRS-1100 enables a radiology department to create cost-effective, universally-readable CD copies of diagnostic images for distribution to referring physicians and patients and for use in teaching and case work-up.

With support for CT, MRI and other radiologic modalities, the CDRS-1100 offers the potential to permanently change workflow as well as yield tremendous cost savings for the medical industry. With the CDRS-1100, a radiology department has the ability to generate multiple copies of any diagnostic image quickly and easily; a 50-megabyte CT scan, for instance, can be recorded onto a TDK Medical Grade CD-R in just minutes at a cost of approximately $5 per disc. A specially designed line of Medical CD-R envelopes has also been developed to mail and file the disc along with appropriate printed material.

TDK Medical Grade CD-R discs are a convenient digital exchange tool. Radiologic images recorded by the CDRS-1100 are stored in both DICOM and multimedia image formats. This multimedia recording strategy makes the disc readable on the more than 500 million CD-ROM drives in use around the world. The images can be exported into standard PC applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop or accessed via Microsoft Internet Explorer.

"The potential of CD-R storage for radiology is significant," noted Koyo Yokoi, TDK Executive Vice President. "With the development of the Medical CD Recording Station, TDK has created a device that will extend access to medical images while speeding workflow and helping limit expenses. CD-R has already made a significant contribution to cardiology imaging, and we expect that the CDRS-1100 will help bring these benefits to MRI, CT and radiology as well."

The TDK CDRS-1100 Medical CD Recording Station (patent pending) is the first in a planned series of TDK removable media recording stations for the medical industry.

TDK is displaying its Medical CD Recording Station at the Radiological Society of North America Convention, taking place in Chicago's McCormick Place (Booth no. 5160).

Visit TDK Medical on the World Wide Web at

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