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Rimage Ships New Single-Drive CD-R Publishing System

Rimage Ships New Single-Drive CD-R Publishing System

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Rimage Corporation announced today that it has begun shipping the company's new single-drive CD-Recordable (CD-R) publishing system. The company has already received orders from distributors totaling $1 million for the new Producer 2000 Amigo, which was unveiled in September.

"The new Amigo adds depth and breadth to Rimage's product mix," said Lenny Martin, Vice President of NewWave Technologies, a distributor of document imaging and mass storage solutions based in Gaithersburg, Md. "We expect the Amigo to open up whole new markets for end-users who need the power and speed that automated CD-R publishing systems can provide, but who don't need the kind of volume offered by Rimage's larger two- or four-CD recorder systems."

An extension of the company's Perfect Image® Producer 2000 family of products, the Producer 2000 Amigo is a compact, fully automated CD recording and labeling system designed for users whose on-demand publishing and duplicating needs can be met with a single recorder.

"When we unveiled the new Amigo earlier this fall, the response from potential end-users was tremendous," said Ken Klinck, vice president of sales and marketing for Rimage. "We've had a particularly positive response from small- to mid-sized audio recording and production studios, who have told us they're interested in automated CD recording and labeling systems for short runs of 500 to 1,000 discs. The Amigo fills this need perfectly -- and affordably."

Like Rimage's two- and four-recorder systems, the Protege and Autostar, the new Amigo features an 8X speed recorder, able to burn a full CD in less than 10 minutes. The Amigo also features Rimage's Prism CD printer, a full-color thermal transfer printer that is the fastest and most cost- effective printer in the industry. The Amigo is controlled by Rimage's Perfect Image Producer 2000 software that manages and automates the system's recording and printing, allowing the Amigo to operate unattended. This exclusive software also enables the system to image, download and record simultaneously, a critical feature when producing multiple jobs calling for one-of-a-kind CDs.

The Producer 2000 Amigo system is fully compatible with other members of the Producer 2000 family, so all applications that have been written by Rimage ISV and VAR partners can now be extended into much larger, more price-sensitive markets. Like other members of the Producer 2000 family, the Amigo is intended for unattended 24x7 applications.

The Producer 2000 Amigo is available through Rimage's worldwide network of distributors and value-added resellers and is priced under $10,000. For more information on where to purchase the Amigo and other Rimage products, visit the Rimage web site at

Rimage's automated CD publishing systems are used in a variety of ways to duplicate and distribute digital information on CDs. Kodak's PictureCD system uses Rimage CD-R technology to provide customers with an easy way to bring conventionally captured images into the digital world. Many game and software suppliers also employ Rimage systems for on-demand, customized CD production, and Rimage systems are used in a number of high-volume or just-in-time data distribution applications.

Minnesota-based Rimage Corporation has been in business since 1978 and has operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company's major products include digital publishing and duplication systems for CD-R media serving many diverse markets, including government, finance, health care, software manufacturing and entertainment.

SOURCE: Rimage Corporation

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