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Taiwan gears up for DVD+RW
Jimmy Hsu, Taipei; Noah Sauve, [Monday 5 November 2001]

Ricoh’s DVD+RW technology has been picked up by Taiwan’s Lite-On IT, Behavior Tech Computer (BTC), Acer and AOpen, and related products will be released as soon as the first quarter of 2002.

Lite-On IT said it is conducting in-house R&D for new DVD-RW products. Apart from pick-up heads, the company plans to purchase all needed components from Taiwan concerns.

Acer will cooperate with Philips to develop DVD+RW products, which should be out some time after 2002. AOpen has maintained tight business relations with Ricoh, so it is leading the pack in DVD+RW development – volume production will be initiated as early as the first quarter of 2002.

MET Technology, Ricoh’s Taiwan distributor, said the situation between DVD-RW and DVD+RW is much like the competition between VHS and Beta standards – no one is for certain which one will come out with the greater market share.

DVD+RW technology allows for burning at 2.4x speed – DVD-RW, 1x speed. The DVD-RW standard only allows for burning of 1GB at a time. Once the data is burned onto the disc it cannot be rewritten without completely reformatting the whole disc. DVD+RW does not set limits on the amount of data that can be burned at one time, and data can be rewritten directly over the previous burn.

Ricoh is currently producing DVD+RW drives (for OEM orders) at its factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The company has received orders from Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell. In the future it plans to offer DVD+RW kits and key components.

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