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Teac State-of-the-art 16x/10x/40x Drive with ATAPI/IDE Interface

TEAC has also long been represented in the CD-RW drive sector with reliable equipment such as the CD-W512E which has distinguished itself repeatedly. Now TEAC has expanded its CD-RW Series once more: in addition to the CD-W58E "starter model" (8x/8x/32x ATAPI/IDE) and the two state-of-the-art recording systems CD-W512S (12x/10x/32x SCSI) and CD-W512E (12x/10x/32x ATAPI/IDE), TEAC is displaying the brand new CD-W516E High-End Drive (16x/10x/40x ATAPI/DIE) at this year's CeBIT.

The TEAC "CD-RW Family" has the right recorder for every PC user. Even the CD-W58E model meets the requirements of a reasonably priced but nevertheless powerful CD burner with sound values such as 8x write velocity in write and rewrite mode and a 32x reading rate and a data transfer rate of 1.2 MB/s maximum (for Write/Rewrite) or 4.8 MB/s maximum (for reading). The data buffer of 2 MB is also quite presentable. Up to 650 MB or 74 minutes of audio files can be recorded with all current CD formats. The CD-W58E uses the ATAPI/IDE interface and can be rapidly installed in Plug-and-Play mode. As is usual with TEAC drives, it is also equipped with a motorized tray and LED display, volume control and a headphone socket at the front. In addition, tested MTBF time (Mean Time Between Failure) of 100,000 hours underlines the high reliability of the drive.

State-of-the-Art: 12x/10x/32x CD-RW Drives

With the CD-W512E and the CD-W512S, the Japanese company is offering two CD-RW drives which are even more powerful than the two previous models in terms of their write and rewrite velocity. In rewrite mode, the drives attain a data transfer rate of 1.5 MB/s (10x) maximum, in conventional write mode the transfer rate even reaches 1.8 MB/s (12x) with an average access time of approx. 85ms.

Another highlight is the data buffer of 4 MB which makes a significant contribution to reducing the load on the CPU of the computer and preventing feared "buffer underrun". In addition, both drives are equipped with "Write Proof" technology. The drives, which are compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT, have already created a secure market position for themselves as a retail kit and are now part of the basic equipment of many PC users.

New: 16x/10x/40x High-Speed CD-RW Drive

Once again, TEAC has jacked up the velocity a bit with the new CD-W516E and is presenting a new high-speed CD writer at CeBIT. The burn performance of 16x in write or 10x in rewrite mode and the high data transfer rates of 2.4 MB/s for simple writing and 1.5 MB/s for rewriting of CD-Rs are quite presentable. The data buffer of 2 MB and the integrated "Write Proof" technology as standard make the new CD-W516E indispensable for all PC users who attach importance not only to high velocities but also to first-class burn results. Easy installation at the ATAPI/IDE interface, tried and tested Plug-and-Play capability and tested MTBF time of 100,000 hours leave no wishes unmet.

All TEAC CD-RW drives are supplied in a kit with a CD-R and CD-RW-Rohling, premastering software for Windows, all connecting cables and a multilingual manual.

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