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SunnComm Goes to Market with the World's First "Cloaked CD"

Fahrenheit Entertainment Inspects and Accepts new Charley Pride CD; Greenlights Promo Run for SunnComm's "Secure" CD. 

PHOENIX ‹ March 22, 2001 ‹ Today SunnComm, Inc. (SUNX: OTC) announced that Fahrenheit Entertainment has accepted the first audio compact disc in the world to contain the SunnComm MediaCloQTM content security feature. MediaCloQTM, designed specifically for audio CDs, was given the given the "green light" to continue to its next step in the distribution process of Charley Pride's "Tribute to Jim Reeves" compact audio disc which, according Fahrenheit, is due at retailers in early April.

MediaCloQTM is the first product going to market using Digital Content Cloaking Technology (DC2TM) from SunnComm, Inc. The implementation of this technology into the manufacturing setting has been the top development priority for SunnComm, Inc.

"SunnComm's "cloaking" technology ­ designed to greatly reduce unauthorized digital copying of original content on CDs ­ is only the first part of the SunnComm goal to bring 'the total CD experience' to music-lovers worldwide," says Peter Jacobs, SunnComm's president. "Purchasers of SunnComm-encoded CDs will also be able to download the same music for use on their personal computers, portable devices such as MP3 players, and soon, users will be able to create their own protected compilation discs."

The company's newly designed corporate website at will serve as a portal to consumers and permit authorized CD owners interactive access to digital rights management (DRM) files ­ a technology made available as part of SunnComm¹s technology relationship with the Microsoft Corporation®. 

SunnComm¹s MediaCloQTM is a proprietary CD audio product that is playable in standard audio CD players but will not function in computers where files could be copied or "ripped" then later, uploaded to music-sharing services, such as Napster, which are gaining popularity on the Internet. Instead, the SunnComm MediaCloQTM disc offers users access to secure areas of the company website and permits those who own a particular CD to download secure files for use on their PC or, soon, to use on other play devices such as MP3 players. According to SunnComm's Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, John Aquilino, "The combination of SunnComm's MediaCloQTM protection coupled with a secure digital rights distribution model will offer consumers everywhere a complete music experience."

Peter Trimarco, president of Fahrenheit Entertainment, says, " With MediaCloQTM applied at the replication plant during the encoding process, we are ahead of our competition by leaps and bounds. SunnComm has shown us a way to provide Charley Pride fans with a fuller music experience while helping us take a first, important step toward protecting his music. We think this will be big."

"This production run for Charley Pride will be the first of many for our family of independent record labels," says the Fahrenheit¹s president. "Following the successful rollout of this premier MediaCloQTM CD, we fully intend to continue to show our leadership in the recording industry by protecting all of our future North American releases with SunnComm products."

"This first ever MediaCloQTM audio CD paves the way for a new era in security for the lucrative audio CD and digital property market" says Peter Jacobs, president and CEO of SunnComm Inc. Jacobs continues, "The SunnComm team sees themselves as the warriors in the fight against what has become socially acceptable larceny which takes place everyday around the world. At the same time, we create a CD that brings greater enjoyment and broadens the musical experience of the consumer. I feel the SunnComm MediaCloQTM suite of products are special because our people ­ founders, engineers, and staff alike, are music lovers first - not just another combination of scientists and businesspeople who never really factor in 'the music experience.' In the end, I truly believe it will be our positive attitude and love of music that will drive us toward the creation of better digital security solutions."

SunnComm, Inc. (SUNX:OTC) is a leader in CD digital content security. The company develops proprietary and patent-pending technology for its own digital security products which includes embedded solutions for its partners. The company's ultimate goal is to protect authors' digital content from unauthorized duplication while allowing the greatest playability possible for consumers.

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