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Summon against Sony over failing SecuROM CD Protection
Developer and publisher of computer games R&P Electronic Media issued a summon against Sony DADC in Austria.

Sony DADC is a multiplier of (inter alia) CD-ROMS and developer of the copy protection system SecuROM. SecuROM was introduced on the Milia '99 as being the best protection against illegal copying.  Sony DADC explained in detail how SecuROM would protect the investment of the publisher No more illegal copies and more sales!

As most people probably know, illegal copying has increased enormously since the end of 1998. The publishing of (at high cost) developed computer games had to be done with some form of copy protection because the developer and the publisher would otherwise lose their investment due illegal copies.

At the beginning of last year R&P decided in favor of SecuROM from Sony DADC. In August, R&P discovered that SecuROM failed to meet the standards one may expect from a copy protection program. In many cases SecuROM protected games could be copied without requiring any specific action and in other cases by simply making a small change in the configuration of Windows. R&P is of the view that SecuROM offered practically no protection against illegal copying and  holds Sony DADC liable for all damages.

Sony DADC does not deny the malfunctioning of SecuROM.


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