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Sensory Science Unveils Plans for Expanded RaveMP Product Line
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on its leadership position in the portable MP3 player market, Sensory Science Corporation today announced plans to extend its product line through the introduction of new RaveMP models that offer innovative feature enhancements and exciting technologies, creating the most versatile line of MP3 players to date.

The RaveMP 2100 model, which has received numerous top-rated reviews is one of the leading players available, will continue to be the lead model in the new line up, but will be joined by a variety of additional models and MP3 products that allow retailers to address the broadest possible spectrum of buyers.

The new RaveMP players build on the platform established with RaveMP 2100, but add new or enhanced features such as USB connectivity providing faster communication between the player and the PC, FM tuners for radio on the go, enhanced personal contact management functions, and offer graphic backlit displays that are up to 100% larger in size than the current displays.

The new models, available starting in late spring, reflect Sensory Science's commitment to deliver the most advanced Internet media players, and with its industry-leading position in the marketplace, the company is aggressively continuing its development of additional devices that will set new standards for functionality and performance.

"These new RaveMP models are clear demonstrations of how Sensory Science continues to be a leader in the portable MP3 player market," said Ralph F. Palaia, Sensory Science's senior vice president of sales and marketing. Our innovative feature combinations will broaden our market appeal to a wider range of consumers, and will solidify our position as a strong competitor in this product category."

RaveMP 2200 Features USB Interface For Fast Downloads, FM Tuner And Smart Media

The RaveMP 2200, which will be among the smallest most compact units on the market, contains numerous upgraded features, including a USB interface for easier and faster downloading of music and other data. The unit also sports a built-in worldwide FM radio tuner complete with 20 channel presets.

Using MP3 technology, which compresses music to about one-twelfth of its original size while maintaining near-CD quality sound, the RaveMP 2200 can store over 60 minutes of music using the standard 64MB of memory on board. Optional memory expansion cards can add up to an additional 64MB of storage, allowing users to store up to 128MB of music or other data. The RaveMP 2200 has one memory expansion slot, and uses Smart Media expansion cards, which are widely available in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB, and 64MB varieties.

The RaveMP 2200 includes many of today's advanced personal contact management features, including four hours of voice recording through the built-in microphone, and is SDMI compliant. Users can store up to 128,000 telephone numbers in 16 folders for easy access, as well as text and other data files.

When the personal contact management functions are activated, the basic unit has the capacity to simultaneously store a multitude of information such as 60 minutes of music, 1,000 phone numbers, 20 pages of notes and 10 minutes of voice memos, or other combinations. The unit will initially retail for about $279.

RaveMP 2300 Clik! Drive Model Takes MP3 To New Levels Of Performance For Emerging New Market Segments

The RaveMP 2300, due out this summer, utilizes Iomega Corporation's Clik!(TM) drive technology as the removable storage media for the download and playback of music and other data from their PC or the Internet. With inexpensive 40MB Clik! disks, available in for an estimated street price of $9.99 (U.S.) each, when purchased in a 10-pack, customers can now create virtually unlimited collections of music, computer files and other data on 40MB Clik! disks.

Capable of supporting both the MP3 and MS Audio (WMA) formats, the RaveMP 2300 connects to the computer through a USB interface for faster communications between the PC and the unit. The unit is also user upgradeable, allowing it to support new audio formats as well as new regulatory compliance standards and operating software.

Automatically Synchs With Microsoft Outlook

An example of the advanced nature and capabilities of this product is the auto synch feature, which allows users to synchronize information between Microsoft Outlook and the unit. Additional advanced features in the device include voice recording capability, world date and time, and the ability to store computer files and other data. Users can store up to 2 1/2 hours of voice recordings on a single Clik! disk, or up to 40MB of MS Outlook names and numbers or other computer files, and simply drag and drop information from their PCs onto the player and take it anywhere. A line-in jack also provides the ability to connect the unit to an external audio device.

The unit runs on lithium ion batteries, and a large backlit display makes for easy viewing in low light conditions. Easy-to-use intuitive software and a AC/DC charger is also included. The RaveMP 2300 will initially retail for about $299. "The RaveMP 2300 Clik! disk product addresses an entire new group of consumers interested in reasonable memory cost and PDA functionality, as well as the features that have created a national phenomenon with portable MP3 music," added Palaia.

"Based on our success to date with the RaveMP 2100, we're accelerating the introduction of new portable Internet media players, including additional promotional models offering between zero and 64MB of memory, using Multimedia cards, for bundling with our various strategic partners," Palaia said. "With the excellent reviews the RaveMP 2100 has received, including the number one ratings from both the Associated Press and Time Digital, we expect the MP3 player product category to become an increasingly important focus for us as we continue our efforts to drive this market with new models and great features."

The RaveMP 2200 and 2300 will be available from a wide variety of well-known electronics retailers, as well as Internet retail sites and major computer products distributors and catalogs.

The MP3 player market is expected to grow from the projected 2.8 million units this year to 6.3 million units in 2001, according to INSTAT.

About Sensory Science

Sensory Science (formerly Go-Video) is a rapidly growing consumer electronics company specializing in developing and marketing innovative digital audio and video products, including digital televisions, Internet media players, and high-end home theater components. The company holds patents on the Dual-Deck VCR as well as other electronics products and systems, and is expanding into new product categories to take advantage of the transition from analog to digital technologies. Sensory Science also markets its products under the Go-Video, California Audio Labs, CineVision, and Loewe brand names.

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SOURCE: Sensory Science Corporation

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