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Sonic Solutions Sales Of DVDit! Tops the 10,000 Unit Mark

DVD Authoring Market Explodes as New Users Recognize the Power Of DVDit!

MARIN COUNTY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 1, 2000--Sonic Solutions announced today that sales of DVDit!, the company's DVD authoring application for Windows PC systems, have topped the 10,000 unit mark.

Coming only a few months after its launch, the sale of the 10,000th copy of DVDit! further reinforces Sonic's role as the world's leading provider of DVD authoring tools, with what is believed to be an over 75 percent market share.

"The unprecedented acceptance of DVD -- on the set-top and on the PC -- has fueled the explosion in demand for DVD authoring systems," said James Manning, DVDit! Product Marketing Manager at Sonic Solutions. "The runaway success of DVDit! has been nothing short of dramatic, and we're enthusiastic about the broad and wide-ranging support that has emerged for DVDit!."

Sonic DVDit! gives video professionals and enthusiasts the power to create stunning interactive DVD content from virtually any video and audio file on their PC. With the ability to simply drag-and-drop video and audio content into the DVDit! application, design interactive menus and burn the final content to DVD-RAM, DVD-R or CD-R/RW, Sonic DVDit! is being used by video producers worldwide to publish high-quality DVD versions of client presentations, merchandising and promotional materials, advertising comps, interactive training materials, multimedia presentations and even special events and weddings.

Matrox DigiSuite DTV user Thomas Giebank, founder of NoNothing Arts, a video and digital media production company based in Austin, Texas, has been using DVDit! for a wide range of digital media projects. "Sonic DVDit! makes publishing on DVD a very intuitive process and the simplified interface packs tremendous power," said Giebank. "With DigiSuite DTV and DVDit! we have been able to rapidly turn our videos into DVD, or short-duration 'DVD on CD-R' productions. The improvement in video and audio quality over VHS cassettes is eye and ear boggling! DVDit! has enabled us to catch the wave and we're riding to substantial business success. Sonic DVDit! is a flat-out great product."

Available as both a stand-alone product for $499 or bundled with third-party hardware and software, Sonic DVDit! has been shipping since August, 1999. DVDit! is also a featured addition to digital video systems from Avid, Matrox, Media 100, NEC and Sigma Designs.

About Sonic DVDit!

Sonic DVDit! is the easiest way to publish on DVD. Combining a simple and straightforward user interface with Sonic's award-winning DVD multiplexing technology, DVDit! gives video professionals, graphic designers, artists and video enthusiasts the power to create stunning interactive DVD content on their PC.

DVDit! is compatible with AVI video files, allowing users to incorporate virtually any video content -- from DV to D1 into DVDit! projects. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, building DVD titles is as easy as selecting a menu background and then dragging and dropping an AVI file. DVDit! automatically builds buttons and interactivity, transcodes video to MPEG-2, multiplexes and formats content and writes it to CD-R, DVD-RAM or DVD-R for playback in consumer set-top DVD players or DVD-equipped PCs. DVDit! can be purchased via the Sonic webstore at and is available in seven languages including: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

About Sonic Solutions

Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Solutions designs and manufactures DVD publishing and audio editing systems used by video, audio and multimedia professionals around the world. Sonic's product lines include DVD Creator, the leading system for professional DVD production; DVD Fusion, the first DVD publishing system designed for non-linear video editors; DVDit! (, the easiest way to publish on DVD and the first DVD publishing application for consumers; and SonicStudio HD, the leading digital audio workstation to prepare recorded sound for release on DVD and CD. Sonic is a leader in advancing DVD-Video and DVD-Audio technology and is a full voting-member of the DVD Forum, the standards-setting body for the DVD format. Sonic Solutions can be contacted on the web at

Note on unit sales and revenues: Revenues reported by Sonic Solutions for DVDit! sales are computed after dealer and/or OEM discounts and margins are applied. Accordingly, the information in this press release does not indicate any specific revenue or other financial results for Sonic Solutions. Those readers who are interested in Sonic's financial performance should review Sonic's published financial reports as well as the various documents Sonic has filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

Note to Editors: Sonic, Sonic Solutions, the Sonic logo, DVD Creator, DVD Fusion, DVDit!, and SonicStudio HD are trademarks of Sonic Solutions. All other company or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications, pricing and delivery schedules are subject to change without notice.

The above paragraphs of this press release contain forward looking statements that are based upon current expectations. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward looking statements as a result of various risks and uncertainties including, among others, the timely introduction and acceptance of new products, costs associated with new product introductions, the transition of products to new hardware configurations and platforms and other factors, including those discussed in the Company's annual and quarterly reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This press release should be read in conjunction with the Company's most recent annual report on Form 10-K and quarterly report on Form 10-Q on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which contain a more detailed discussion of the Company's business including risks and uncertainties that may affect future results.

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