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---  NEWS  --- JULY 2000 ---  NEWS  ---
26 July 2000
CD/DVD Software Releases CD/DVD Software
B's Recorder GOLD 1.71 [Win]
1.1.2 [Mac]
FreeLock 1.3
HyCD Play&Record 3.5.0722
MacCDR 4.10h
RSJ CD Writer [Win95] 1.54
RSJ CD Writer [WinNT] 1.62
RSJ CD Writer [OS/2] 3.07
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • DVD Trial Testimony Ends
    A Manhattan judge indicated Tuesday he was likely to declare what is seemingly banal computer code as a form of expressive content, a distinction that may help bring it First Amendment protection...
  • Man Denies Wrongdoing in DVD Case
    A man accused by the motion picture industry of trying to sabotage its efforts to prevent DVDs from being copied on computers says he is a journalist, not a computer expert, and provides a public service...
  • Entertainment Industry Targets Another Piracy Site
    Remember when Hollywood was hip? That idea may have gone out with the word hip. Now movie studios and their brethren in the music business have been reduced to filing lawsuits against pesky Web sites founded by college students who threaten their livelihood...
  • Adaptec and Microsoft Deliver Ability to Create Custom Audio CDs With Secure Content
    Adaptec announced it has entered into an agreement with Microsoft under which Adaptec will offer support for Microsoft's Windows Media Audio format with their industry leading CD recording software applications...
  • Oak Acquires TCD Labs, Adding Recording Software To CD-RW Technology Offerings
    Oak announced it has acquired TCD Labs, Inc., a developer of enabling software for CD recording technology. Combined with Oak's existing CD-RW controller technology, this acquisition enables Oak to offer a complete optical storage solution to PC and CD-RW drive manufacturers...
  • Napster marches back to court
    Todat the RIAA will ask a federal judge to stop Napster from posting certain songs to its music-sharing site...
  • Digital Music 101: Laying Down the Law
    Despite all the controversy surrounding Napster, it's amazing how many people don't really know what's legal and what's illegal when it comes to digital music. Is Napster illegal? Is Can you get busted just by visiting a site? Here's the deal...
FreeLock Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added FreeLock 1.3 - PSX CD-ROM PROTECTION FOR CDRWIN/DAO to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks Rudi Ratlos

New Features/Updates:

  • It uses a separate file for the protection. This means that (a) you can now copy FREELOCK.EXE to your hard drive (but you still need the diskette for standard protection modes) and (b) Windows NT / 2000 systems stand a better chance actually running it!
22 July 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDRecord 1.9
VobDecGUI 2.5C
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • Movie Studios Admit DeCSS Not Related to Piracy
    The cyber trial of the century began this morning with testimony by Frank Andrew Stevenson the Norwegian cryptographer who first published an analysis of the CSS security cipher...
  • Sony's New Line of High Speed Spressa CD-RW Drives
    Sony expandsits Spressa(TM) CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) line with two new drives that support high-speed 12X maximum write, 8X maximum rewrite, and 32X maximum playback for quick and easy use...
  • Adaptec's Jam Now Offers Faster CD Mastering
    Adaptec's new release of Jam for the Macintosh now offers support for USB and FireWire CD recorders and also includes new MP3 burning capabilities.
  • Is Scour 'Napster with movies'?
    Don't make a selling point out of copyright infringement. That's the message that 30 major media companies are sending to multimedia search portal Scour Inc...
  • Stats Speak Kindly of Napster
    The trade industry association is alleging in a lawsuit against Napster that it's responsible for lost music revenue because of its free-music downloads. But this newest data suggests that Napster may be more of a music-marketing tool than a replacement for CD buying...
  • Study: Napster users buy more music
    People who use Napster and other file-swapping networks to trade MP3 files are more likely to boost their music spending than those who don't use such services, according to a new study from Internet research firm Jupiter Communications...
CD-R99 Compatible CD-ReWriters
Added a small list of CD-ReWriters who support the latest CD-R99 Media.
New Search Engine
We have added a new Search Engine (the one on the left) which makes it possible to search all our websites - CD Media World, GameCopyWorld, DC CopyWorld, PSX CopyWorld, MP3 MediaWorld, MusicTarget & LinkWorld - in one go. It is extremely fast as it runs on one of our local servers.
19 June 2000
CD/DVD Software Releases CD/DVD Software
VobDecGUI 2.5
14 July 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Data Net-Burner 2.11
DVD Genie 3.75
Music Net-Burner 2.51
Perfect Copy 1.29
VobDecGUI 2.4
Perfect Copy Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added Perfect Copy 1.29 to the CD/DVD Utilities.

Perfect Copy Updates:

  • Fixed: Browse button for CloneCD exefile & imagefile. It showed the directory twice.
  • Added: Application list in separate window. Not many applications are protected.
  • Fixed: Disabled MultiSelect in Gamelist. Didn't worked as intended. Making a workaround.
  • Added: Autostart When Windows is Booting For Perfect Copy
  • Added: "pcc.exe /minimized" starts pcc minimized.
  • Removed: Write cd & Read cd. Many couldn't figure this feature out.
  • Fixed: Insertion for "Don't repair SubChannel Data." wouldn't work sometimes.
7 July 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDVDBenchmark 1.02
CDVergleich 1.03
cladDVD 1.45
Feurio! 1.50
InCD 1.3.164
Perfect Copy 1.22
TZCopyProtection v1.13
VobDecGUI 2.2
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
Perfect Copy Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added Perfect Copy 1.22 to the CD/DVD Utilities - Thanks Electro Dude!

Perfect Copy Updates:

  • Fixed: Two minor bugs.
  • Added: New user interface. Needed to get Copy Protection Detector to work.
  • Added: New Gamelist Routine ( MUCH Faster and MUCH better).
  • Added: Copy Protection Detection Prepared.
  • Coming: Copy Protection Detection is soon to be implemented in Perfect Copy.
BlindRead & BlindWrite
From the BR News Page:

The current Blindread and Blindwrite have expired. But we are still not able to update the current version, just because the upgrade is not ready!

We are working as fast as possible to provide an update. During that time, you can use this TEMPORARY unlock key that will allow anybody to trial our software :

  93Q6 - Y26R - 30O2 - 7LFJ (Watch out for 0 and O)

Why are we late ? There is several reason, but the main one is the emails. We are completely flooded by thousand of emails. We hardly can handle such a flow - we have spent most of our time answering, and only a few days to update BR/BW.

We hope to release the newer version this week (but not guaranteed). It'll have :


  • More CD writers Supported
  • CD Text capabilities
  • Partial CUE file support (Multiple & wave files shall not be supported yet)
  • Load of Bugs corrected

BR :

  • Alternative Read & Subcode Extraction supported on many more CD units
  • Some very special TOC layout supported
  • Absolute Min & Max speed settings (for Adaptive speed)
  • Extraction method 3 (single gap) removed (use method 2 instead)
  • Speedups, bugs correction,
Sanyo CRD-BP1300P CD-ReWriter
The Sanyo CRD-BP1300P is an ATAPI CD-RW drive featuring a Half-height form factor that enables you to write/rewrite 640MB of CD-ROM data with the world's fastest speed.
Sanyo CRD-BP1300P Specifications:
  • 12x Write / 10x Rewrite / 32x Read (CAV)
  • IDE/ATAPI Interface (UDMA33)
  • 2 Mb Buffer
  • Access Time: 150 - 160 msec (CD-ROM/R - CD-RW)
  • BURN-Proof Technology implemented
2 July 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
Music Net-Burner 2.10
Nero Burning Rom
VobDecGUI 2.1

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