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---  NEWS  --- JUNE 2000 ---  NEWS  ---
30 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDEveryWhere 1.3 [Mac]
CDRWin 3.8b
Flask MPEG 0.594
Feurio! 1.36
Take Two 1.03
VobDecGUI 2.0
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
  • TEAC ships Industry's Lightest Portable CD-ROM Drive With USB Connection
    TEAC, today begins shipping the industry's lightest portable CD-ROM drive, the USB PortaCD, with convenient USB connection for laptop and subnotebook computers.
  • Napster prepares legal brief due Monday
    Napster, whose popular song swap software is the target of a music industry lawsuit that threatens to shut down the service, will have its day in court this Monday.
  • DVD Scene Is Set for Confusion
    By year's end, consumers will be able to record their own DVDs at home - reaping the benefits of vastly more capacity and improved quality in digital images, sounds and video.
  • CD-RW Industry Leaders Introduce New DVD+RW Initiatives
    HP, MCC/Verbatim, Philips, Ricoh, Sony and Yamaha announced two new initiatives designed to speed 4.7GB DVD+RW acceptance within the PC and consumer-electronics industries.
  • Diamond, Iomega show off new MP3 players
    Diamond and Iomega both unveiled new digital music players today at PC Expo, where news about actual PCs has been relatively scarce. The new Rio 600 and Iomega's new MP3 player were on display today at the New York computer industry trade show, where traditional PC companies are jumping on the device bandwagon.
  • Can Vorbis Gain Volume in the Digital Audio Market?
    Will CMGI pull a digital-audio rabbit out of its hat? ICast, one of the 60-plus CMGI operating companies, last week introduced Vorbis, a free, open-source alternative to the MP3 downloadable music format that could fragment the market for digital audio.
  • Napster Prepares Defense, Weighs New Biz Models
    As Napster prepares its defense in a legal battle that threatens to shut down its popular music-sharing service, the company says it is seeking ways to coexist with the record labels it is now fighting.
  • CD quality to soon jazz up MP3s
    Engineers at Kenwood Corp. have developed a new technology that makes compressed digital music files, such as MP3 files, sound as good as the original cut from a compact disc.
99 Minutes CD-R Media
The German based Engelmann GmbH has been reporting that the new CD-R99 media will not be fully useable on all CD-Writer & CD-Readers. In the next few days they will present a list of CD-Writers which are compatible with this new media. For now only the Mitsumi CR4804 can write up to 99:05 minutes without any problems. Others, like the Teac CD-W54 & PlexWriters, will not past the 90 minutes and most will most likely stop at around 84 minutes.

For now CDRWin & CDRecord support writing up to 99 minutes but most likely all packages will be supporting the new media in the next few weeks!

This truly makes the Mitsumi CR4804 a very good contender for being the Best & Cheapest CD-Writer around, the only bad thing is that it is VERY hard to get...

23 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
cladDVD 1.4
Feurio! 1.35
InCD 1.3.159
IsoBuster 0.99.5 Beta 2
NTI Backup NOW! 2.1.1
Perfect Copy 1.0
RSJ CD Writer [Win9X] 1.53
RSJ CD Writer [WinNT] 1.61
RSJ CD Writer [OS/2] 3.06
VobDecGUI 1.9D
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
Ricoh MP7120A/MP7122SE HS CD-ReWriter
Ricoh has announced the MP7120A, their first High Speed Re-Writable IDE CD-Recorder which can rewrite at 6x speed. The MP7122SE is the external SCSI model of the MP7120A.

The MP7120A will be available as of the 7th of July for 35.000 / US$ 336. The MP7122SE will be available in August for 40.000 / US$ 384.

Ricoh MP7120A/MP7122SE Specifications:
  • 12x Write / 10x Rewrite / 32x Read (CAV)
  • IDE/ATAPI (MP7120A) or SCSI (MP7122SE) Interface
  • 4 Mb Buffer
  • Included Software: B's Recoeder GOLD Pro from B.H.A.
  • Includes the new Ricoh 4x-10x HS CD-RW media

Dreamcast BootCD - Boot backups on NON-Chipped DC!
It was a matter of time but the the group Utopia has managed to come up with a Dreamcast CD Loader which is able to bootup backups and imported games on DCs which are not modified.

DiscJuggler must be used to create the BootCD as CDRWIN seems to fail on this one... There are already 4 working backups available:  Dead or Alive II, Soul Calibur, F1 GP & Resident Evil: Code Veronica ... The Dreamcast CD Loader v1.1 is available here!

Perfect Copy Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added Perfect Copy 1.0 Final to the CD/DVD Utilities - Thanks Electro Dude!

Perfect Copy Updates since Beta 3:

  • Added: New Gamelist Routine (Faster and better)
  • Added: New look. Now it can be used with 800*600
  • Fixed: Gameprotection Buttons. They wouldn't execute.
IsoBuster Update CD/DVD Utilities
Added IsoBuster 0.99.5 [Beta 2] to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks Peter Van Hove!

New Features/Updates:

  • Full Win2K support.
    Furthermore, under WinNT (4 or 2K), two ways of communication are possible.
  • Track and Image extracting (few options)
    Still Limited support, but CDTV CD owners will like the fact that they now can extract mpg from the video track (when no record from the file-system points to the mpg file).
  • Previous beta didn't show amount of folders correctly
  • A Mac icon is showed when a Mac ISO file-system is found and associated files (not shown by Dos or Windows) are marked with a Mac icon as well.
  • In case of a Prassi image, the block size is checked by a 'smart routine' rather than to rely on values in the headers which sometimes seem to be wrong.
  • Play Audio of Audio tracks - No Play / Pause / Resume buttons yet ;-)
    Once playing the track, you need to let it play, or read to the CD to interrupt or use Media Player to stop ;-)Deals better with certain incorrectly (mostly oriental) mastered CDs.
21 June 2000
Casio Wrist Audio Player MP3 Players
The Casio WMP-1V Wrist MP3 Player is the worlds first wrist-type wearable MP3 Player. It can play up to 66 minutes of FM broadcast-level quality MP3's and it connects to the USB bus.

It is currently available for US$ 265.95.

Casio WMP-1V Wrist MP3 Player Specifications:
  • Plays up to 33 minutes at CD Quality, 44 minutes at near CD quality and 66 minutes of FM broadcast-level quality MP3's.
  • Built-in Multi Media Card
  • Up to 4 hours of use and about 4 hours to re-charge.
  • USB Transfer to a IBM PC/AT Compatible
  • Dimensions: 49(W) x 54(H) x 19(D) mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Includes Stereo Inner-ear Headphones

Click to Enlarge
20 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CD Bremse 1.07
Nero Win2K ASPI Layer
VobDecGUI 1.9C
Perfect Copy Beta 3
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
Perfect Copy Update
Added Perfect Copy Beta 3 to the CD/DVD Utilities - Thanks Electro Dude!

Perfect Copy Updates since Beta 1 Build 2:

  • Added: 35 Games - Over 200 is on it way!
  • Added: On list doubleclick execute options
  • Added: Redesigned UI
  • Added: Select sounds for writefailures & writecompletion.
  • Fixed: Browser failure when refresh button was pulled on offline systems.
  • Fixed: "Blue Screen Of Death" when browser open and system had an overflow.
  • Added: Image Selection Inside Perfect copy.
  • Added: Enabled the support for Implementet Imageselection.
  • Fixed: Removed Commondialog for CE.
  • Added: Commondialog for Windows.
  • Fixed: Removed links button for fast browsing.
  • Added: Rawwrite function now fully enabled.

The next version will see a merging of Perfect Copy & Copy Protection Detector (Domin8tor/CD Freaks) into one application!

18 June 2000
Philips Settles CDD2000/2600 Class Action Suit
Philips has decided to settle the CD-Writer Class Action Suit against it by repairing/replacing the CDD2000 & CDD2600 drives which failed to work correctly or by offering rebates to those who already sold their drives. The agreement also applies to the HP4020 and HP6020 CD-Writers as they are the same drive on the inside.

About a year ago the preparations for the Class Action were started against Philips & HP because of failing CD-Writers (Philips CDD-2000/2600 & HP4020/6020). A faulty spring, which is used for aligning the laser-head, caused write failures after writing more than 500 MB of data.

If Philips had not settled then the settlement hearing would have started on the 17th of August 2000... More here!

Adam MP3/CD/VCD Walkman MP3 Players
The Adam MP3/CD/VCD Walkman looks like a regular portable CD Player but it can also playback MP3's and VideoCD's from CD-R or CD-RW media. It also supports 80 minutes CD-R media.

It is currently available for US$ 240 which is comparably a bit more expensive than the regular portable MP3/CD Player.

Adam MP3/CD/VCD Walkman Specifications:
  • Playback of Audio CD, MP3 & VideoCD (v1.0, 2.0 & 3.0)
  • Compatible with CD-R & CD-RW media (also CD-R80 media).
  • PAL/NTSC compatible
  • 24k/s - 320k/s bitrate supported
  • Up to 200 tracks per CD
  • Bass booster switch
  • Line out for audio & video
  • Universal DC adapter (96-240V/50-60Hz ) & Car Power Adapter
  • 5 second anti-shock protection
  • Needs 4x AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 158 x 140 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

Click to Enlarge
CMC MP3 Jumper MP3 Players
The MP3 Jumper is made by CMC Magnetics Corporation which until now only made CD & DVD recordable media. With it 27 grams it is currently the lightest & smallest MP3 Player available!

It is currently available for US$ 122 / EUR 127.

CMC MP3 Jumper Specifications:
  • No onboard Memory
  • Supports one 16/32 MB Multi Media Card (MMC)
  • Supports Digital Voice Recording
  • Parallel Connection Cable (Transfer Rate: 200 KB/s)
  • Needs one 1.5 volt AAA battery
  • Dimensions: 48 x 64 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 27 grams

Click to Enlarge
17 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDR Identifier 1.52
cladDVD 1.22
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
CDR Identifier Update CD/DVD Software
Added the CDR Identifier 1.52 to the CD/DVD Utilities page - Thanks Frank Wolf!
  • Added 1 new manufacturers:
    • Taroko International Co., Ltd.
  • Fixed a bug introduced with Version 1.51
Next CloneCD version will support SAO
As of version CloneCD will support the RAW SAO & RAW SAO Subchannel Mode writing, this means that it now also supports the Teac, Yamaha & Ricoh CD-Writers!

CloneCD automatically will select RAW DAO for RAW compatible CD-Writers and RAW SAO for Non-RAW compatible CD-Writers.

15 June 2000
CD/DVD Software Releases CD/DVD Software
cladDVD 1.2
NTI CD-Maker Pro 4.0.26 Aopen
Yahoo Player Beta
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
Sony Mavica MVC-CD1000 - First CD-R Based Digital Still Camera
Sony Electronics today announced the first ever CD-Recordable based digital still camera, the Mavica MVC-CD1000. The new Mavica camera uses a high-capacity 156 MB 3 inch CD-R media to store pictures.

The new 156 MB CD-R can hold up to 160 1600x1200 (2.1 mega-pixel) images, that's the equivalent of more than 4 rolls of 36-exposure film. The price for this media is set at around US$4 which seems to be more expensive than regular CD-R media but it beats the price of using expensive flash memory!

The biggest concern for the Sony engineers will have been how to avoid making coasters, the answer has been packet-writing. This the fastest way to burn data to a CD-R.

The Mavica MVC-CD1000 ships with five CD-Rs and will be available in August for about $1,300... More here!

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Yamaha CRW8824EZ CD-ReWriter
Yamaha has released news of their latest addition to the CRW8824 family, the CRW8824EZ Internal E-IDE/ATAPI 8x Write, 8x ReWrite & 24x Read CD-ReWriter. Next month Yamaha will further release the CRW8824SZ (Internal/UltraSCSI), CRW8824SXZ (Internal/UltraSCSI) & CRW8824FXZ (External/IEEE 1394-FireWire) CD-ReWriters with the same specifications.

Their claim that the CRW8824EZ is the fastest on ReWriting & DAE ripping is a bit misleading as both Sanyo & Plextor feature CD-Writers that support the 10x ReWrite option! As for their claim that it can rip DAE at 24x speed is impressive as, until now, the fastest drive has been the Plextor PX-W1210A which rips at an avarage of 17x speed! Most likely it extracts DAE at a maximum of 24x speed on the outer tracks but we will wait and see what CD Speed measures... More here!

Teac CD-RW5040I IEEE1394/FireWire CD-ReWriter
Teac Japan has announced the CD-RW5040I Series CD-ReWriter which is based around a Teac CD-W54E drive. The package includes an ASUS PCI-1394C FireWire card, Ulead's VideoStudio 4SE video editing software and BHA's B's Recorder Gold/B's Clip burn software.
Teac CD-RW4040I/IP Specifications:
  • 4x Write / 4x Rewrite / 32x Read
  • IEEE1394/FireWire Interface
  • 2 Mb Buffer
  • Transfer Speed max 400 Mbit/s
  • Support for both Windows & Macintosh

Click to Enlarge
The drive will be available in Japan as of next month.
13 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software
BlindWrite 0.99 Beta
cladDVD 1.1b
Data Net-Burner 2.10
Music Net-Burner 1.41
Perfect Copy 1.0 Beta 2
BlindWrite Beta
BlindWrite is similar to CloneCD with one big advantage that is also supports more write modes, next to MMC-DAO-RAW, then CloneCD does.

BlindWrite will work with Non-RAW compatible CD-Writers which are not supported by CloneCD. This is because BW uses a write-mode called SAO. SAO is able to write the main data-channel and therefor can be used to copy SafeDisc & LaserLock protected CD's. It will not work on SecuROM
protected CD's as it uses sub data-channel which can only be written by CD-Writers which support the MMC-DAO-RAW mode.

Currently the following CD-Writer have been reported to be working:

  • Yamaha CRW4416S & CRW8424
  • Ricoh 7040A/S & 7060A/S
  • Teac CD-R55S, CD-R56S & CD-R58S
  • HP 9110i & 9200i
  • Sony CRX-120 & CRX-140S
  • Mitsumi 4804TE
  • Plextor PX-W8220, PX-W8432 & 124TSi

More CD-Writers will most likely follow but keep in mind that BW is still in beta stage and bugs will  occur for sure!

For now BW has the edge on supporting Non-RAW compatible CD-Writers (especially the Yamaha, Ricoh & Teac drives), this won't change until CloneCD supports the SAO mode.

Perfect Copy Update
Added Perfect Copy v1.0 Build 2 to the CD/DVD Utilities - Thanks Electro Dude!

New Features:

  • Database Update: Added 2 Games & 1 Application
10 June 2000
CD/DVD Software Releases CD/DVD Software
CDR Identifier 1.51
cladDVD 1.1a
Data Net-Burner 2.00
Hotburn 2.01
VobDec+ 3.11
VobDecGUI 1.8
Winamp 2.64
Perfect Copy
Perfect Copy v1.0 Beta 1 is a CloneCD frontend which gives predefined settings for making a 1:1 CD-Copy of protected Game CD's. Currently the database contains settings for 43 games & 2 applications!

If it fails to setup on your system, as it did on our Win2K machine, then just unpack the SETUP.CAB file, using WinZip, to a temporary directory and start PCC.EXE.

6 June 2000
CD/DVD/MP3 Software Releases CD/DVD Software


CD Record [Linux] 1.9a02
Napster Registry Fix 2.0 Beta 6


NTI CD-Maker 2000 Pro 4.0.24
PrimoCD PX Engine 1.0.150
Traxdata CD-R99 Media Revisited
Today we got word that the release date of the Traxdata CD-R99 media has been proponed for another week. If all goes well it will be available as of the 26th of June.
Ricoh MP7063A CD-ReWriter
Ricoh has announced a new CD-ReWriter, the MP7063A. It is just a repackaged MP7060A drive which now includes W2K compatible software & firmware!
Ricoh MP7063A Specifications:
  • 6x Write / 4x Rewrite / 32x Read
  • IDE/ATAPI Interface
  • 2 Mb Buffer
  • Access Time 120/ ms
  • Supports the CD-Text standard
CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
5 June 2000
CD/DVD Software Releases CD/DVD Software


cladDVD 1.0
CDRCue Sheet Editor 1.2
Feurio! 1.34 [GERMAN]


VobDecGUI 1.7b


CD/DVD/MP3 NewsWire NewsWire
Traxdata CD-R99 Media
It has been a while back with promises of a 99 minutes CD-R media but none ever surfaced. Over 6 months ago we already had offers of several companies who would supply us with the first samples but they never arrived...

Now, after some delays, mostly due to compatibility problems, Traxdata possibly will release a 12x speed CD-R99 Media as of the 19th of June!

Thanks Alison for the info!

Click to Enlarge
Sanyo CRD-BP3 12x10x32x CD-ReWriter
Sanyo has announced it's latest flagship, the Sanyo CRD-BP3 which will have the BURN-Proof feature implemented --- The Plextor PX-W1210TA is based on this drive!
Sanyo CRD-BP3 Specifications:
  • 12x Write / 10x Rewrite / 32x Read (CAV)
  • Ultra SCSI (8 bit Narrow) Interface
  • 2 Mb Buffer
  • Access Time 150/160 ms (CD-ROM & CD-R / CD-RW)
  • BURN-Proof Technology implemented!

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